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The Up-To-Date Actor Is The Ultimate 24/7 Personal Assistant.

With the most comprehensive and updated list of entertainment industry contact info, the Up-To-Date Actor helps you find projects that are a match with your unique talent & type; build & discover connections with industry contacts; keep ypu connected to the industry no matter what state, city, town is your home base; log all auditions & events; set specific career targets; take control of your finances; demystify the "business of acting" so you can focus on your craft.

Put the power back in your hands and become the CEO of your career!

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The Up-To-Date Actor is the only service that actively updates it’s industry database and doesn’t rely on user feedback or the company reaching out. We actively call and email every company on our list to confirm staff, contact info, submission preferences, etc. every 2-3 months. These phone call and email updates are in addition to receiving daily tips & updates via online research, and user feedback.

In this industry, and current climate, industry professionals are always on the move. Don’t waste your time searching online only to find and use outdated info. Rest assured, with the Up-To-Date Actor you have access to the most updated and verified information possible.

Note: We at the Up-To-Date Actor cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to the ever changing and secretive nature of the industry.

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Projects Now Casting

Find union Film, TV, and Theatre projects now casting in your area

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Casting Directors

Discover casting directors across the country. Filter by what they cast, upcoming networking events, and more

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Talent Agencies

Filter & find talent agents currently seeking new talent like you

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Talent Managers

Filter & find talent managers currently seeking new talent like you

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How Does it Work? Take Control of Your Acting Career

Audition logs that actually track your progress and link with the database. Discover what is working and what is not. Receive prompts to remind you to fill in important information on your auditions (who was in the room, any feedback, what material you prepared).

Build a targeted list of people and companies that you want to meet. Be notified when they (or their staff members) will be at a networking event, a new casting project is listed, or there is a change to their information.

Is there a TV show or play that you are 100% right for? Add them to your target list and be notified when

  • Film & TV: there is a change to production info, casting info, or if a casting director will be at a networking event.
  • Theatre: a regional theatre adds a production of your targeted play, or if it is currently auditioning.

For the first time ever - ONE calendar of ALL of the big bi-coastal networking schedules. Create a list of Agents and Casting Directors you want to target and be alerted when they will be holding a class or seminar. Furthermore, you can see what they are casting or who they are seeking before signing up so you are more informed when you walk in the room.

Keep Track of all of your performance income and deductions in one place. Never forget to record little things like transportation for an audition. Monthly and yearly reports make understanding the business easier & put you in control. Come tax time, download a PDF report of your deductible expenses.

Actor's Career Tools & Resources Actor’s Career Tools & Resources

Audition Logs & Reports

Record all of your auditions and meetings and easily populate reports. Keep track of all important details such as: when you meet someone, the feedback you received, who was in the room, all expenses...

Income & Tax Deduction Logs & Reports

Did you know when you have lunch with a colleague to discuss a project you want to develop its a business entertainment deduction? This is one reason why we encourage you to record all appointments and meetings! Every...

Workshops & Webinar Archive

Subscribers have access to select previously recorded workshops with Annie and Abigail. Workshop topics can include: Booking Film/TV/Theatre Work with or without an Agent, Seeking Representation 101...

Weekly Industry Insights & Blog

Want to read about the latest news, tips and trends in the theatre & film industries? Check out Up-To-Date Actor's Blog & Industry Insights for more information today!

Audition Logs & Reports

Record all of your auditions and meetings and easily populate reports. Keep track of all important details such as: when you meet someone, the feedback you received, who was in the room, all expenses...

Income/Deduction Logs & Reports

Did you know that you can take the cost of a single movie or theatre ticket as a research deduction on your taxes*? This is one reason why we encourage you to record all appointments and meetings! Every...

Workshops & Webinar Archive

Subscribers have access to select previously recorded workshops with Annie and Abigail. Workshop topics can include: Booking Film/TV Work with or without an Agent, Booking Theatre Work Post-Pandemic...

Weekly Entertainment Industry Insights & Career Advice Blog

Want to read about the latest news, tips and trends in the theatre & film industries? Check out Up-To-Date Actor's Industry Insights for more information today!

Events Upcoming Events

The entertainment industry is back! Learn how the industry has changed since the pandemic and how to maximize your audition opportunities in this virtual new reality. Get ready for what is sure to be a busy 2024!

Join Abigail Hardin (creator of the Up-To-Date Actor) and Annie Chadwick (career coach and founder of Up-To-Date Theatricals) at one of their upcoming workshops. Click on each link for more info.

Mar 19
Seeking Representation 101

with Actors Connection
View Info & Register

A discount code will be provided during each workshop to new users for FREE 1-Month Full Access Trial to the Up-To-Date Actor! The industry is revving up, now is a great time to make sure you are informed and ready to make the most out of 2024! Annie and Abigail will be happy to answer questions about the industry and how to use the Up-To-Date Actor.

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Testimonials OurHappy Customers

Anxin image
Anxin H.
I used the Up-To-Date Actor to send out invitations for my upcoming solo show, I didn't realize how much I need this until I used it. It is so clear and up-to-date. The filter is great. Thank You!
Mara image
Mara M.
The Up-To-Date Actor is amazing: there is no other platform like this out there. It's so refreshing to find a tool that finally focuses on the actor and our career, and that really helps you not only achieve your goals but define them.
Hassiem image
Hassiem M.
I just have to rave about the Up-To-Date Actor. Like, holy cow, it is just phenomenal. I get chills when I describe this service to my friends. This database is the best actor's tool that I have ever encountered. I love using it in tandem with other industry sites so I can get more specifics on projects that I am interested in. Probably the best two features, for me, are the searchable database on what projects are in production (or will be this season) across all mediums, and the "targets" section as well.
Michiko image
Michiko S.
I want to thank you so much for your resources! They have worked tremendously for me. Since using your contact info 2 years ago, I have booked 5 Network TV shows. Thank you sooooooo much!! I'm literally telling everyone about the database, it's magic!
Nick image
Nick D.
The Up-To-Date Actor is an incredibly effective tool in learning to navigate your way around this industry. It's like having easy access to inside information that would take you hours and hours of tedious legwork to get on your own (if you could even get it). It's simple and straightforward to use. The support is almost unprecedented. And, it has the best expense tracker I've ever seen.
Brooke image
Brooke V.
I've been on my trail and have become OBSESSED with the Up-To-Date Actor! (How has no one else come up with this???) I have seriously never felt so on top of my stuff! I love how organized the audition logging/email reminders are! Looking forward to continuing my use with this site and all the new things to come with it!
Sandra image
Sandra M.
I have found the Audition Logs very helpful. By defining my goals and seeing my shortfalls, I have since re-strategized some of my approaches to counter those shortfalls. So far it's been effective. Thanks!
Ben image
Ben F.
The Up-To-Date Actor puts me in control of tracking my relationships and growth. It's a genius tool and every time I log on I have peace of mind that I'm making progress.
Jesse image
Jesse E.
UTD provides clear, concise direction for actors looking to grow their careers. Using the strategies I learned from Annie and her team, I'm confident about the work I'm doing and the connections I'm making in the industry. I'd recommend working with UTD to anyone in the industry - from those just starting out to seasoned performers and anyone in between. Their online resources are incredibly user friendly and help consolidate so many skills from an actor's tool belt. I left the workshops I attended feeling clarity of vision, a renewed drive to succeed, and a better sense of how to accomplish my goals. Thank You!