Networking Events

Using Networking Events to your Benefit

Paid networking seminars are a great way to introduce your talent to the industry. When used with thoughtful research and specificity, networking events can help you build relationships and get immeasurable feedback. Introducing your talent to the industry is a major first step to building a successful professional career.

Whenever you are making an investment of your time and money, doing research prior is essential to locating the best opportunity.

When starting a seeking representation campaign, look for agents and managers that are actively looking for new talent. At the bare minimum, look for companies that represent the area that you are actively focusing on.

Discover networking events for casting directors who are currently casting projects in your area.

Networking events are not a waste of your time and money if you have done the proper homework prior. Thoughtfully using the networking events as a tool to introduce your talent will help you jump an early building block to a career as a working actor.

What Events do we List?

To help you simplify your research process the Up-To-Date Actor combines the upcoming event schedules, nationwide, for the following networking companies:

  • Actors Connection
  • One-On-One
  • Acting & Voice Studios
  • The Growing Studio

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The Up-To-Date Actor does not receive compensation, nor have anything to do with the events listed. This resource is for information only. For further details please contact the event's host company.

Search & Target

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Research casting directors with upcoming networking events that are currently casting Film, TV, and Theatre projects in your area.

Disclaimer: Paid networking events do not constitute an audtion or a guarantee of employment.