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Find & Filter Agents & Managers

Are you looking for representation and don't know where to begin?

With the Up-To-Date Actor you can filter through talent agents and managers to find people in your market. Here are the ways you can filter through companies:

  • By state
  • By who they represent (Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials, etc.)
  • By the age range they represent
  • If they are currently seeking new clients
  • If you are a match for who they represent and/or seeking

No longer should you have to blindly contact agents & managers without knowing anything about them or their office. Increase your chances of getting an interview by being specific. Click on a company you are interested in to find out their submission preference and if any staff members will be at an upcoming networking event in NYC, Los Angeles, or Atlanta. Craft a cover letter that highlights WHY you are a right fit for their office based on all of the research you did on the Up-To-Date Actor.

As you find companies or staff members that you would like to meet, add them to your targets list by clicking the star icon near their name. By targeting you will get notifications on any updates or new networking opportunities.

Here is a brief video on how to filter talent agents & managers
and find out WHO could be a perfect fit: