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New Projects Casting - Major Casting Shake Up - New Studios - COVID Mandates & Testing - Strikes

By Abigail Hardin, April 05, 2023

Happy April, UTD!

First let me start by saying, I hope you are safe, happy, and well. It's been a crazy, unpredictable, week. My apologies for the day-late delivery on this week's email. There's a lot to unpack this week so let's dig in.

Annie and I hope to see you at our free workshop with Actors Connection tomorrow! We'll be discussing Cover Letters & Follow-Ups and the power of your words. If you haven't already, click the link below to register.

Create a great week! ✌️

Major NYC Casting Shake-Up

RWS Entertainment Group announced that Duncan Stewart of Stewart/Whitely will head a new RWS casting arm, ARC. Stewart and several associates are joining the existing team from Binder Casting. Both companies have been dissolved and several others from Stewart/Whitley have opened their own companies. Former co-owner, Benton Whitley has launched Whitley Theatrical with associate Micah Johnson-Levy and Chad Eric Murnane has formed Murnane Casting.

Click the links above to find contact info. Make sure to add these newly formed companies to your targets to stay up-to-date with any and all changes/updates to the companies and their contact info.

Lastly, this is a great opportunity to send a congratulations note! Annie and I will discuss how you can turn news events like this into a great PR opportunity at our workshop tomorrow! We hope you can join us!


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