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New Projects - WGA Negotiations - Law & Politics - New AEA / LORT Contract

By Abigail Hardin, April 11, 2023

Happy Tuesday, UTD!

Last week, Annie and I had a great time talking about Cover Letters and Follow Ups at our "The Power of Your Words" workshop. So many of you had great questions and we always enjoy helping inform and empower you to take leaps in your career and your life. The highlight of the seminar was an in-depth discussion on the five essential components, listed below, of a door opener cover letter and how to professionally follow up with industry contacts. 

  1. Subject Line - use creative words to spotlight your unique talent & who recommended you.
  2. What you want - an interview to discuss representation or an audition for a specific project.
  3. How you are most often cast - type, skills and age range.
  4. Why you are ready to book work - recent work, links to reels & self-tapes, quotes from directors, casting director, training, who you are currently studying with or have worked with, reviews, etc.
  5. Closing - that you expect to be successful.

Stay tuned for information and details on upcoming free workshops.

Theatre folk, make sure to check out the article below with details on the new AEA contract with LORT theatres, some changes include salary increases, reimbursement and payment for playing an instrument and restricting access to hiring non-union performers. Read more for specifics and how this affects actors and stage managers hired by LORT regional theatres. The union is also still in negotiations with The Broadway League over national tour contracts and has threatened to strike. Lots of negotiations right now across all sectors of our industry!

Create a great week! ✌️

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