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Strike Details & Info - Movie Theatre Recovery - Q2 Report

By Abigail Hardin, August 08, 2023

Happy Tuesday, UTD!

Don't let August just be a month where you get out of town both physically and figuratively. August is a super month to work on your physicality so that you have radiant, glowing, energy. Use this month to brainstorm new ideas to move your career forward:

  • Get into a class that enhances your physicality and restores your vibrant health
  • Review self-tapes and edit them down to a maximum length of 1-2:00 minutes. Be ready to use them as visual examples of your castable type and range.
  • What castable type is missing from your reels and clips? Now is the time to create a clip that fills that gap.
  • Learn a new skill that adds marketability to your toolbox.
  • Meditate every morning and ask for Divine Intelligence guidance for your next empowering career steps.
  • Write new affirmations for the career you desire. Create a vision board.
  • Spend time with imaginative play living the life and career that you want.
  • Nurture yourself by cooking an amazing meal at least once a week.
  • Dance outdoors when and wherever you can.

Be sure to read the first article in the WGA Strike section for a full recap on the WGA-AMPTP meeting last Friday.

Now, onto the news!


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