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Production & Tax Credits - Annie's Advice - Projects Currently Casting

By Abigail Hardin, February 29, 2024

Happy Leap Day, UTD!

Spring is around the corner, be patient and be ready. The industry hasn't roared back as we all were hoping but it is getting there. There has been significant chatter about the end of "peak TV" and how new budgetary restraints have limited opportunities for series regulars and recurring roles. While this is a trend that we hope will balance out in the coming years, this leaves a larger concentration of guest star roles and early career opportunities. There is a lot in flux right now, the key to weathering the storm is to stay engaged in your career momentum, expect success, and be ready when opportunities come your way.

This is the time to make sure that your marketing materials, training, and mindset are READY for action. April and May are good times to start a new representation campaign but you can't wait until April to begin your prep. Use the month of March to research, get referrals, and prepare your materials and pitch. To get a step-by-step plan, join us at our AC workshop on March 19.

Also in preparation for those interviews, here is Annie's tip for answering that illusive question:

"What have you been doing lately?"

The power in your words couldn't be more important than when you are speaking about your career to other industry professions. Too often our conversations are filled with negative opinions about ourselves and what we are doing to further our careers. It's easy to talk about your career when you are performing or just booked a project but when it's the usual stuff we downplay our activity. To be ready for when agents, casting directors, and other industry folks ask you - "What have you been doing lately?" Write a 3 sentence response to that question and practice this so that it comes out naturally.

Here is an example of a reply when it's just about regular work:

"I just created my in-home self-tape studio and am working with coach Heidi Marshall on upping my submissions. I've also got a photo shoot with _____ next month and will be shooting a scene for my reel. I'm really inspired by all of them."

Another example of a reply when you have recent exciting work:

"I am on a Booking spree which feels amazing. I booked a guest star role on _____ and a co-star role on the reboot of ______. Both these roles got me away from the anchor type which has lately been my go-to-roles. It was fun to play the suffering, clueless wife of a bad husband."

There are numerous projects currently casting in all markets. Do your homework, know your type, know your market, and start submitting for projects today!

Peace & Love 🌸

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