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Summer Tips to Get Ready for the Fall Season - Upcoming Workshop - Strike Watch - Theatre News

By Abigail Hardin, June 06, 2024

Happy June, UTD!

Summer Tips to Get Ready for the Fall Season

We all thought, that once the SAG-AFTRA strike was resolved, production would roar early in the new year. Well, the roar was more like a big meow. The good news is, as we input new projects it is clear that Fall 2024 will be chocked full of production opportunities, continuing well into the 2025 new year. Start researching the Fall season NOW! Make your casting director target list and know which projects are a perfect fit for your unique talent.

June has historically been a great time to pursue new representation as there is a break in procedural TV production. The production schedule is looking more normal as many recurring TV shows are on a traditional hiatus and will be coming back in July and August. Talent agents, therefore, have more time to evaluate and expand their rosters and are starting to interview new actors' submissions. So don't wait to launch your representation campaign! To help you get started, log into your Up-To-Date Actor account to view our recent workshop Seeking Representation 101.

In August, the industry, for the most part, goes on vacation. Plan to take some time to enjoy those last days of Summer and have some fun. Reinvigorate your creative energy and begin the Fall with renewed positive goals, ready to seize the abundant opportunities on the horizon. Several of our recent free workshops are available to watch on the Up-To-Date Actor. Log into your account to take advantage of this great resource and move your career forward with specificity and bold action.

Upcoming Free Workshop

Lastly, Annie and I will be back at Actors Connection this month discussing Cover Letters and Follow-Up Notes to Agents & Casting Directors at our free online workshop. The words that we use to talk about our talent are just as important as the expensive headshot. They are a reflection of our creative talent. This is never more important to understand than when writing a cover letter or note to the industry.

In this seminar, we will discuss in-depth the below 5 essential components of a door-opener cover letter/email note and how to professionally follow-up with industry contacts - how often and what to say:

  • Subject Line: Use creative words to spotlight your unique talent and who recommended you (if you have a referral).
  • What you want - an interview to discuss representation.
  • How you are most often cast - type and age range.
  • Why you are ready to book work - recent work, links to reels, quotes from directors, casting director, training, who you are currently studying with or have worked with, reviews, etc.
  • Closing, that you expect to be successful.

All attendees, new to the Up-To-Date Actor, will receive a discount code for a 1-Month Full Access Free Trial to the Up-To-Date Actor. The workshop is free but registration is required. We hope you can join us!

Now, onto the news! 🌞

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