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New Projects - Oscar Winners & Commentary - Casting Society's Artios Award Winners - Bank Failure Effects

By Abigail Hardin, March 14, 2023

Happy Tuesday, UTD!

As you can only imagine, the bulk of the news this week is about Sunday's Oscars ceremony and winners. In my opinion, for actors the more important feature this week is the announcement of the 38th annual Artios Awards. If you are not familiar with this award, the Artios Award is presented by the Casting Society to casting directors for their work in the prior season's eligible film, TV, and theatre projects. Read more below for the full list of winners and how to turn this once-a-year event into a great opportunity for you to build relationships with the winning casting directors and reach out with a note.

While the entertainment industry can feel like an island on its own, Film, TV, and Theatre are very much connected to the financial and political world at large. As several mid-tier banks have failed over the past few days, all sectors of our industry are reacting and bracing for present and future financial ramifications. Read more below.

Last week Annie and I had a great time meeting so many of you at our SEEKING REPRESENTATION 101 workshop with Actors Connection. With pilot season in production and award season wrapped up, now is a great time to start a new representation campaign. Here are a few tips and takeaways from last week's workshop to help you stand out from the crowd and find an agent or manager looking for talent like you:

  • The mind is the builder of any professional career. Cultivate positive mental beliefs in your talent and the worthiness of pursuing a performance career.
  • Define your unique type, talents & traits that separate you from the rest
  • Define your targeted area of focus for the next 6 months
  • Do your research, be specific
  • Use the Up-To-Date Actor to find talent agents and talent managers that line up with your area of focus and skills
  • Follow Up by meeting the Agent/Manager at a networking event
  • Create your own work and self-submit for auditions.
  • Target Theatre and TV projects that are a fit for your type, age, and skills.
  • Submit directly to Casting Directors. Use the Up-To-Date Actor to find casting info for projects now casting.
  • Use your words wisely
  • Ask for what you want
  • Expect success

Create a great week! ✌️

Oscar Winners & Ceremony

The Oscars were this past Sunday. And while I'm sure you already know EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE swept the ceremony, winning 7 out of their 11 nominations (including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress). Read below for detailed analysis of the show itself, surprises & snubs, ratings, diversity, and more.

Diversity, Equity Inclusion

Wrap-Up and Looking to Next Year

And that's a wrap on Awards season 2023. If you missed some of the main nominated films here's where you can stream the films nominated for Best Picture.

Lastly, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is the first film to win Best Picture after winning SXSW. Many consider SXSW the introduction to the next Oscar season. With this year's festival running through March 19th, check out Deadline's 2023 SXSW Movie reviews and get ready for 2024.

📣 Artios Awards

The winners of the Casting Society's 38th Annual Artios Awards were announced last week. As we always mention, this is a great opportunity to reach out to the winning casting directors and congratulate them. Look up their contact info on the Up-To-Date Actor and craft an email note that also highlights any recent news and career updates. Don't miss this fantastic industry connection opportunity!

Here is a short list of a few of the winning casting companies. Be sure to read the full list of winners and don't forget to also congratulate the associates!



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