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By Abigail Hardin, May 01, 2024

Happy May, UTD!

I hope your Spring is off to a vibrant start! We are almost a quarter of the way through 2024 and it finally feels like production is in full forward motion. It's always good to take a quarterly assessment of what steps you have taken so far to achieve your career goals for the new year. Here is a check list:

  • Review your goals for 2024 both long term and short. What career movement has happened to demonstrate that you are on the path to creating successful progress?
  • Are your affirmations in line with the career you are creating? Remember, you manifest who you believe you are as an artist.
  • Has your career focus shifted from the first of the year? If so, what are the new steps to move your goal forward?
  • Revisit your 13 essential marketing tools. Assess what is working and what is not. Get rid of the old materials that do not represent your current talent level.
  • Does your castable type line up with your view of yourself and the type of work you are interested in booking?
  • Start a new campaign for representation in an area that you are targeting. May is a very good time to seek new representation as agents review their rosters. See more below!
  • Reconnect with Casting Directors who you know and introduce your talent to those you don't know.
  • Take advantage of the abundance of production opportunities. Know your market and know what current projects you are a perfect fit for. Create specific submissions for those projects. Always continue to pursue getting your own auditions and work even if you have representation.
  • Create your own work! This should be part of your regular process, but now more than ever create content.

Seeking Representation 101

As mentioned above, May is a great time to start a new representation campaign. To help you get started, a video recording of our most recent free workshop, Seeking Representation 101, is available for UTDA subscribers and trial members. Log into your account to watch this recording (as well as other recent workshops including Pilot Season 2024 and Booking Film, TV, and Theatre Work with or without an Agent) and start a new representation campaign with specificity, focus, and bold action. Talent agents and talent managers are actively seeking new talent at this time of year. Make the most of this seasonal momentum and start your campaign today!

Acting Schools Nationwide

Lastly, one thing we stress in all of our workshops is the importance of continued training. Acting is a journeyman's profession. Your training and practice are never complete. We pride ourselves at the Up-To-Date Actor with providing you with extensive resources to inform and empower you and we are thrilled to announce that we just completed our nationwide Acting School section. We have listed training programs in the tri-state area for sometime but have just now completed that listing nationwide. Now you can use the filters on our site to search for training programs by state, technique and more. Take a look and find a new class to help refine your skills and be ready for your next big audition.

Note: This is a listing of ongoing educational classes, not a listing of college programs or conservatories.

Make the most of this Spring season! 🌸

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