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New Projects - WGA Strike Continued - Theatre Awards - Pilot Season - Production Updates

By Abigail Hardin, May 09, 2023

Happy Tuesday, UTD!

It's been quite a week with the industry navigating and adjusting to the WGA strike. TV series in production have been affected by picketers and have been forced to shut down, in some cases for the remainder of the day. Other series such as HACKS and LOOT have decided to pause production altogether until the strike is over. It seems the main sticking point between the WGA and AMPTP is over staffing minimums. This past week several studios demanded that showrunners continue working, and claim to have enough content to weather a long storm. Only time will tell.

While the strike has rightfully so worried us and been on our minds, I urge you to view this as a good thing. With DGA and SAG-AFTRA contracts up for renewal with AMPTP very soon, the WGA's demands set a bar for all new contract negotiations and will greatly affect what SAG-AFTRA is able to demand for actor's benefits.

Lastly, as we learned from the pandemic, a production pause can be a highly effective time for reflection and reorganization of your career. Annie and I are going to be discussing in detail creating a "strike-proof" plan to move your career forward during this production pause. Sign up today for our free workshop on May 30th!

If you're looking to get a head start, here are some steps you can take today to make the most of this production pause:

There is much to cover, so let's get right to it! Stay positive, and create a great week!


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