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By Abigail Hardin, September 12, 2023

Happy September, UTD!

It’s time to go back to school! I always love the feeling that September brings around school supplies, the anticipation of new classes, new friends, and new inspiring teachers. While production continues to be paused, embrace this Fall energy, get in class and sharpen your creative skills. Be ready for when production returns.

  • Form a reading group or scene study with friends.
  • Lean into theatre right now.
  • Look at what is in production in your market especially on and off Broadway.
  • Know what’s coming to Broadway this Fall. What new playwrights are in the upcoming Bway or Off-Bway season?

Get in the flow of Fall and be in the "in circle." Know what’s going on. Be able to talk concisely about theatre production and the state of the strikes. And always go back to your foundation building blocks. Review and refine your tools of the trade. ***UTDA active members have access to our resources section on 13 Essential Marketing Tools with tips, advice, and examples.

September/Fall is the time for back to school energy, new learning, and new beginnings. Reinvigorate your focus and commitment to your career. Be set-ready when both strikes end.

If you need a little more motivation this Fall season, we hope you will join us for our upcoming free online workshop! More details via the link below.

Create a great week! 🌻

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Articles pertaining to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes continue to roll in on a daily basis. Below are select articles with the most pertinent strike information. For full Strike coverage please visit our new Strike Resource page.

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