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Artios Awards: An Opportunity to Evolve Your Relationship with Casting Directors

By The Up-To-Date Actor, March 04, 2024


Casting director relationships are the backbone of a successful performance career. Whether you are just starting to build a professional career or continuing to rejuvenate an already flourishing career, casting directors are your most valuable friends. Professional updates to casting directors that you have already met or those that you have targeted to introduce your talent to are a valuable PR tool to enhance your career momentum. You are your first Press Agent!

Until your career has reached name recognition or you book a high-profile starring role, you are your best publicist. You have 3 desirable press agent qualities - you are passionate about your work, are your number one client and you are affordable. As an aspiring actor, this is one of the most important practices to commit to doing. Being your own press agent from the very start of your career will not only accelerate your success but will keep you feeling in the game when auditions and work are on a low cycle. Making follow-up notes and project research a part of your weekly career work is a habit to cultivate and grow.

There are many ways to professionally follow up with casting directors after auditions, meetings, and career news and bookings. Up-To-Date Actor members have access to our extensive resource section with tips, advice, and examples for cover letters, follow-ups, and more. One opportunity that is often overlooked is sending a congratulations email to casting directors for an Artios Award Nomination and Win.

So Exactly What are the Artios Artios Awards

The Artios Awards, presented annually by the Casting Society (FKA Casting Society of America (CSA)), are one of the most prestigious honors in the entertainment industry. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in casting across film, television, and theater, and are considered a significant milestone in the careers of casting directors and their teams.

Timing of the Artios Awards

The exact dates for the announcement of Artios Awards nominations and winners vary from year to year. However, the awards are typically presented in January, and the nominations are usually announced a few months prior.

For example, in 2022, the Artios Awards were presented on January 20th, and the nominations were announced on December 14th, 2021. In 2021, the awards were presented on April 15th, and the nominations were announced on February 19th. The 2023 Artios Awards were affected by the recent Hollywood strikes.

It's important to note that the timing of the awards ceremony and the announcement of nominations and winners can be affected by a variety of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it's a good idea to check the Casting Society’s official website or social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

Two Opportunities to Connect

Don’t wait for the winners, congratulate those nominated and then again send a note congratulating the winners!

Keep it simple. The point is to celebrate their work, acknowledge something you appreciate or like about the cast, something you learned or admire. Then use the opportunity to inform the casting director of your recent work and career news.

Formatting is key. Follow the same general guidelines for a follow-up note.

Prior to the pandemic one might send an actual card in the mail with a headshot business card attached on the inside of the greeting card. Now all communication should be electronic. Make sure to always include your professional signature with contact info and links to your website, Actors Access profile, reel, etc.

Check the Artios Awards and see if any of the casting directors who were either nominated or won are on your personal database. If you have a personal connection or history with any of the CDs that note will need to be personalized a bit more. Next, search on the Up-To-Date Actor for the most updated contact info (including emails) for each casting staff member.

Craft a Note

The following is a suggested overview process and wording for taking advantage of this PR opportunity.

  1. Start your note by congratulating them for winning the Artios Award for the specific project.
  2. Say something that resonated about what you liked about the show.
  3. Take the opportunity to remind them of your unique castable qualities by saying I'm normally cast as ________________ so please keep me in mind when you need my unique type (or something like a cleverly worded characterization of what you do best - 30s Quirky Chick in Charge, 20s Sassy Cynical Soviet, Crack-Whip Comedic Latina, Gritty Button-Pusher Lead, 50's Mama Bear with a Bite).
  4. If you have recent auditions, bookings, and career news you can include this in a bullet formatted with concise wording.
  5. Conclude with wishing the casting director continued success which can include the names of the hit projects that they are currently working on.
  6. Always include a professional signature in your emails.

History of the Artios Awards

The Artios Awards were first presented in 1985, and since then have grown in prominence and influence. The awards are named after the Greek word "artios," which means "perfectly fitted." This name reflects the essential role that casting directors play in bringing together the right actors and actresses to create a seamless and compelling production.

The Artios Awards recognize excellence in a variety of categories, including film, TV, theatre, drama, comedy, independent films, animation, and more. In addition to the competitive awards, the CSA also presents special awards to industry leaders who have made significant contributions to the art of casting.

Winning an Artios Award is a significant achievement for casting directors, as it recognizes their talent, creativity, and hard work. It can also provide a boost to their careers, as well as to the careers of the actors they have cast. Many Artios Award winners have gone on to enjoy successful and distinguished careers in the entertainment industry.

The Artios Awards are an important part of the entertainment industry, as they recognize the vital role that casting directors play in bringing stories to life on stage and screen. They also provide an opportunity for the industry to come together and celebrate excellence in casting, and to recognize the hard work and dedication of casting directors and their teams.

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