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Seeking Rep 101 - PR Opportunity: Artios Awards - Oscar Analysis - Strike Watch

By Abigail Hardin, March 13, 2024

Happy March, UTD!

As I’m sure you already know, the Oscars were this past weekend. You can find full Oscar coverage and analysis below. Another set of awards was handed out last week. While lesser known, the Artois Awards is an even greater annual chance for you to connect with major casting directors in film, TV, theater, and more. This topic is so important to us (and often overlooked!) that we recently wrote a blog on why this is so important and how you can take advantage of this great networking opportunity. For more details and a list of this year's winners, see the Artios Awards section below.

Annie and I are gearing up for another free workshop next Wednesday 3/19 @ 3:00 PM EDT. We will be discussing our ever-popular topic Seeking Representation 101. As we mentioned in our Pilot Season 2024 workshop last month, March/April is a great time to start a new representation campaign. Talent agents and talent managers are historically more open to new client submissions after pilot season. We hope you will join us where we will discuss:

  • The most effective ways to begin your campaign for representation.
  • How can the Up-To-Date actor digital service help you target agents and managers that are a fit for your unique talent and career level.
  • What's the difference between working with a talent agent and a talent manager?
  • Do I need both a talent agent and a talent manager?
  • How to prepare for the interview.
  • How to be an effective collaborator with your representation.

The workshop is free but registration is required!

Lastly, if you missed our "Pilot Season 2024" workshop last month, Up-To-Date Actor members can view the workshop on UTDA! Simply log into your account and navigate to our Workshops page. Bonus: Our January workshop "Booking Film, TV & Theatre Work with or without an Agent" is also available to view for the next 10 days!

Make the most of this early springtime energy and empower your career with new growth and BOLD action!

Peace & Love 🌸

Artios Awards

The 39th Artios Awards were handed out last Thursday in three ceremonies spanning two continents. The Artios Awards, presented annually by the Casting Society (FKA Casting Society of America (CSA)), are one of the most prestigious honors in the entertainment industry. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in casting across film, television, and theater, and are considered a significant milestone in the careers of casting directors and their teams.

Casting director relationships are the backbone of a successful performance career. Whether you are just starting to build a professional career or continuing to rejuvenate an already flourishing career, casting directors are your most valuable friends. Professional updates to casting directors that you have already met or those that you have targeted to introduce your talent to are a valuable PR tool to enhance your career momentum. You are your first Press Agent!

There are many ways to professionally follow up with casting directors after auditions, meetings, and career news and bookings. Up-To-Date Actor members have access to our extensive resource section with tips, advice, and examples for cover letters, follow-ups, and more. One opportunity that is often overlooked is sending a congratulations email to casting directors for an Artios Award Nomination and Win.

Read more on how to craft a congratulations note and take advantage of this networking opportunity.

Here is a full list of this year's winners. Some key players to note:




Do your research, be informed, and take BOLD action! Send those congratulations notes and emails out today!

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