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Can a Non-Union Actor Submit for Representation to a Talent Agency That is Union Franchised?

By , January 08, 2024
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Acting is a competitive field, and many aspiring actors look for representation from talent agencies to help them land acting roles. However, some actors are non-union while others are union-affiliated. This distinction can create confusion and questions regarding which talent agencies non-union actors can submit to. Can a non-union actor submit for representation to a talent agency that is union franchised?

The short answer is yes, a non-union actor can submit for representation to a talent agency that is union franchised. However, the representation process can be different for union and non-union actors, and there are several important factors to consider.

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Learn How To Self-Tape for Auditions

By , October 27, 2022
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Since the pandemic, there have been some major transformations in the acting audition process, one of which being the rise in self-tapes. Knowing how to self-tape for online auditions and interviews is an essential skill every actor needs to have in this day and age, but getting it right can be a challenge in and of itself.

Self-tapes have opened up more opportunities for actors and furthermore, this trend isn’t going anywhere.

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