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How, Why & When to Join Actor’s Equity Association

By 2, February 13, 2023
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Whether or not to join the main acting unions - AEA and SAG-AFTRA  - is a burning question many new actors face, akin to signing with a talent agent. One of the first questions that I get asked by performers at the beginning of their careers is, “How do I join the unions?” They are aware that being in the union is a desirable goal but do not know much more about what joining it entails. My response has always been to start with these four steps:

  • Believe in your talent and that you will be successful
  • Make a commitment to daily work
  • Train with the best to advance your skills
  • Go after getting your own performance work
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How to Reach Out to Theatre Casting Directors

By , July 01, 2022
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The process of reaching out to casting directors for theatre project submissions differs slightly from that of general Film/TV project submissions.

One similarity is your ability to research and get specific! Like television, there is a lot of information available prior to a theatre production. As a theatre performer, you should be prepared with a list of 5-10 roles in specific plays that you are right for. Look to the roles you have already worked on in acting class.

For most theatre audition notices the roles and storyline will already be available, which makes it easier to be more specific in the submission for a particular role. Up-To-Date Actor lists public EPA and audition notices for union regional theatre projects. EPAs and audition notices are great, but don’t let that be your only option! If you don’t see an upcoming audition but are interested in a certain production, call the producing company or regional theatre directly.

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